Simplifying Asset Management

Maintaining complex built environments is expensive and difficult. Facilities are getting increasingly complex and greater access to information is needed to help keep them operating. TagScan is targeted at facilities operators and contract maintenance teams who:

  • Are new to the facility, or to a newly constructed location

  • Are a centralised team who rotate around a large number of locations

  • Have equipment under multiple repair and service contracts and where the equipment responsibility may change on a regular basis

  • Have equipment and systems where the cost of failure is so high in life, environmental or financial terms that maintenance needs to be thoroughly assured 


How it connects to your data?

TagScan utilises encrypted data connections to link to your site distributed control systems (or SCADA systems) and digital twin information to allow a scanned tag to be queried easily by an engineer.

Data that can be retrieved includes:

  • Live engineering information

  • Model / Type & Revision of the part

  • Part status (serviceable/unserviceable)

  • Part documentation (in text or PDF format)

TagScan Features / Benefits

Rapid Identification of Parts/Assets

By simply scanning a part - its unique identity can be known - rapidly saving engineering time and reducing errors

Parts Comparison

TagScan’s ability to compare two parts  ensures that the right replacement is fitted - reducing potential errors and downtime 

Parts Location

Tagscan  locates where and when items have been scanned to help with inventory management at large facilities

Access the Correct Documentation

By linking to your organisation’s content management system, TagScan ensures that teams access the correct data sheet for the part - reducing time to fix

Reading Live Plant Data

Get access instantly to the correct data by scanning the tag you are interested in. read the current system values and check the servicable status easily.

Wide Variety of Tag Types

TagScan works with all the relevant data types on tags including BarCodes, QR Codes, RFID Tags and text labelling.