MyPrintPod - making your ideas reality

What is MyPrintPod?

MyPrintPod is a Portsmouth-based manufacturing-as-a-service that can take your ideas/designs and turn them into 3d printed components.

Who is it for?

MyPrintPod is for small companies and individuals who need to produce limited numbers of products, tooling or prototypes quickly and who want to use sustainable manufacturing techniques.

How do we do it?

  • We work with you to help sketch out your initial ideas

  • We create CAD models using our industrial design software

  • You can then visualise your design in augmented reality for approval

  • We then make your design on our latest generation of 3d printers

  • Finally we can deliver the parts to you, or you can pick then up

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Tools and tooling

One of the main uses of 3d printing is the creation of tooling to help production processes. This can be as varied as custom jigs for holding pieces together, through to composite roller systems design to take large loads.

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Sometimes organisations need to test an enclosure or a design. 3D printing allows different designs to be developed and tested easily before settling on the final design.

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Funtional objects

Sometimes a component is needed that can perform a particular function, like a bracket or or a cable clamp. 3D printing allows these parts to be made quickly as one off or limited runs very easily. 

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Aesthetic objects

Finally 3d printing allows objects to be made that are made for their looks rather than performing a function. These can be as varied as company logos, props for film and tv or objects for hobbys such as wargaming.

Application area examples

Examples of how 3d printing can be utilised by small businesses and sole traders, please watch the videos below: