Augmented Solutions Limited

Turning Visions into Solutions

Whether it is Covid19 track and trace software using cellphone data, text analysis using machine learning or complex applications using augmented reality and machine learning, Augmented Solutions has got you covered.

With our experts in complex system developments and targeted mobile applications, we are able to provide a simple and effective service for translating your vision into a high quality applications that meet your specific needs.

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Making Your Ideas Reality

MyPrintPod is a manufacturing as a service for small to medium sized enterprises on the south coast of the United Kingdom.

We pride in taking your concepts, designing them and manufacturing them quickly and efficiently.

And of course we do all of this sustainably, using recycled plastics and renewable energy sources.

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Removing the Doubt from 3D Printing


3D printing is time consuming. Make an error in your design or select the wrong print settings and you could be making a mistake that costs you a lot of time and effort.

PrintXR utilises cutting edge augmented reality technology to visualise your prints before embodying them - making 3D printing less painful and more enjoyable.

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Simplifying Asset Management

TagScan is a product designed by engineers for engineers. Ever wonder what that part was you are looking at or where to find it? TagScan it. 

Combining machine vision, realtime databases and augmented reality into a compact handheld solution that you can carry anywhere. Maintenance engineers can now be more efficient and minimise the chance of making that costly error.

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